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How the Club Needs to Move

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How the Body Needs to Move

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Stop Early Extension

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Power Benefits

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The Body in Detail

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Chip with your Body

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Improve your Putting

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The PolygonGolf Swing Trainer is going to change your swing. This is a mathematical certainty. When you can see the patterns and understand how to move your body and club within those patterns, real swing improvement is as simple as following the patterns of The PolygonGolf Swing Trainer. There has never been a golf swing training device that covers all aspects of every motion required to become a better golfer. You will learn the proper way to make a full swing, the proper way to chip and the proper way to putt. But there is so much more. Your short game shots for half and three quarter shots should also develop at a more rapid pace.

The PolygonGolf Swing Trainer, has your best interest and real improvement in mind. The inventor, Chris Hudson and his certified trainers are always accessible and are here to help you on your journey to becoming the best golfer you can be. The PolygonGolf Swing Trainer can only be purchased through this website, and it is not available anywhere else in the world.

With the first 2500 orders of the PolygonGolf Swing Training system you will receive:

  1. The PolygonGolf Swing Trainer.
  2. Access to Private Weekly Q&A Live shows, only available to those in this initial offer. You will be sent a private link for participation to your registered email letting you know dates and times.
  3. Access to 2 Private Lessons (45 mins) using Zoom. These must be scheduled in advance and are subject to availability. Everyone in this Founders Edition Pre Launch Special will be seen for personal one-on-one instruction at least twice. A scheduling area will be sent to your registered email address so you can pick the date and time that is best suited for your schedule. (No expiration limit) 
  4. Access to sign up for 3 (1-hour Group Lessons), with 10-25 participants. Various topics are available from which to choose. You will be provided a link to sign up for free and book with a special coupon code, at which point you will receive an email notifying you when the group lesson will begin. You can then utilize our online booking system to confirm.
  5. Direct access to expert golf instructors, via their personal emails for any specific questions or help you may need with any part of your golf game.
  6. All of the bonuses will continue until everyone in this initial Founders Edition Pre Launch Special have participated in and fulfilled all aspects of The PolygonGolf Training Experience.  You will be sent a registration code so you can sign up for these within our booking system.

This entire offer is valued at thousands of dollars and can be yours by reserving your order of The PolygonGolf Swing Trainer! It is time for you to finally take your game to the next level. The PolygonGolf Swing Trainer is the missing link in golf instruction and when you have one for yourself you are really going to understand why.

Special note: Access to a webcam, phone or tablet with a camera, microphone, and an internet connection are required for all online lessons. All of the bonuses above will start on 03/21/2022. If you have any questions please contact





The PolygonGolf Swing Trainer

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